Moment to Moment

On a bright, sunny, clear, brisk morning, I am walking towards the subway station with my backpack and my bag of thoughts. As I stand in front of the subway gate, just a few feet away from the entrance, a musician starts his daily performance. His hands dance across the keyboard and his feet tap… Continue reading Moment to Moment

Keep on Dreaming

Every night of our sleeping lives, we wander through an alternate dimension of reality. In our dreams, we feel intense fear, sorrow, joy, and rage. We commit crimes; we suffer tragedies; sometimes we experience the greatest joy; sometimes we fly; sometimes we die. Dreams are some of the most private things that we can ever… Continue reading Keep on Dreaming

Advice: How to Make the Most Out of Architecture School

Architecture school was a life changer for me. Despite the gruelling design courses, overwhelming workload and countless all-nighters, I would choose it all over again in a heartbeat. From learning about theory and history on one side, to design, engineering, and politics on the other, architecture has equipped me with a holistic view of the… Continue reading Advice: How to Make the Most Out of Architecture School

Reflection: 3 Defining Moments of My Life

When the school principal called my house, I knew I was in trouble. See, I thought I had gotten away with skipping 85 out of 97 classes in my Grade 9 year. But I was wrong and now my parents know all about it. We go through thousands of experiences every day, some simple some… Continue reading Reflection: 3 Defining Moments of My Life

Reflection: How Do You Measure Your Life?

"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons" This line is from a poem by T.S Elliot called “The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock”. The man who speaks this quote is one who carries deep regrets. Prufrock is a middle-aged man who tries multiple times to ask out a women but never has the… Continue reading Reflection: How Do You Measure Your Life?

Reflection: The Climb

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. It was the moment of epiphany; it was the moment of despair. We were trenching on grass; we were trenching in snow. We experienced the most difficult times; we experienced the most effortless times. In short, it was one of the most intensive… Continue reading Reflection: The Climb

Career Advice: 5 Tips to Land the Right Job in Any Industry

If you are reading this post, chances are you are looking for opportunities. Having gone through multiple jobs, I understand the frustration and intimidation of leaving a familiar environment to start somewhere new. The general piece of advice that helped me is to trust your instinct and follow your heart. During university, I attended a… Continue reading Career Advice: 5 Tips to Land the Right Job in Any Industry

The Passion Project: In Transition | Roohani Chauhan

In a culture deeply embedded in conformity - where young girls are shouldering tremendous pressure to dress and behave a certain way, Roohani Chauhan was free to choose her own path. Since the age of 16, Roohani left the comfort of her home in India to discover what the rest of the world has to… Continue reading The Passion Project: In Transition | Roohani Chauhan

Reflection: A Balancing Act of Love

Back in May, I started a new job at a new company with new responsibilities. The learning curve was steep enough to keep me busy. The novelty kept me excited as I adjusted into my role. Several months went by and things had slowed down. In fear of losing my momentum, I filled my days… Continue reading Reflection: A Balancing Act of Love

The Passion Project: Construction Project Management | Helen Xie

It was Monday night. I was getting ready for bed when my phone ran. “Hello, Helen speaking.” It was a call from a site supervisor (let’s call him Eric) who had worked all weekend on an elevator renovation project I am responsible for. Eric is calling me for directions to move forward. As per the… Continue reading The Passion Project: Construction Project Management | Helen Xie

The Passion Project: Personal Growth in Construction | Helen Xie

Exchanging our emotions and vulnerabilities are the best way to dissolve social barriers at work. If it’s working out for me, I bet it will work out for you too. - the core message in our newest video. Watch it HERE! ( My career switch to construction was not easy. I did not get along… Continue reading The Passion Project: Personal Growth in Construction | Helen Xie

Reflection: The Path of Least Resistance

A week ago, I ran a consolidated site meeting which could have been separated into two. The idea of killing two birds with one stone appealed me. The corporate world really seems to slow down in July and August. Most of the key decision makers are either on vacation or catching up on their work… Continue reading Reflection: The Path of Least Resistance