The Passion Project: The Homeless Drive| Jean Yang

Jean Yang is the founder of Live It Up, a community of professionals seeking to enhance their skills to fulfill their career aspirations and growth. She started a Homeless Drive in 2017 and hands out packaged comforters and other necessities every winter. This all started when she met Richard.

There was this gentleman. He always carry a plastic bag with a pillow inside and a comforter. It was winter and he has no place to live.

Jean approached his gentleman.

“Sir, can I offer you anything?”

The gentleman said anything is okay.

Jean gathered a bag of cookies, extra cloth, comforter, and a book to hand over.

The gentleman was so grateful he took from his pocket and opened a bank slip envelope. There were 60 dollars inside as indicated on the slip.

“Can I pay you?” he asked while stretching out a five dollar bill from his envelope.

“No, sir. Please accept the bag as my thought to you.”

“Well, there is a lot of food here. You think, um, you can spare a little bit to another homeless person?”

“Wow, but you have nothing.”

What followed was something Jean will remember for the rest of her life.

“It is unfortunately in life that people don’t ask questions. If only people asked questions, they would know.”

He was this most humbling being. His name was Richard. Jean has not seen him since.

One small decision could offset someone. Constant wrong decisions can change their life forever. At any given moment in time, everyone has a chance to change. “A lot of people unfortunately don’t understand what people are going through and they put judgment and label,” says Jean, “it breaks my heart that people would think that way.”

**Rectification: By the end of 2018, we have received an additional donation of 2 bins of bedding products from Novotel North York Hotel with over 50+pillow cases, 80+sheets and additional 30+comforters received. And 30+sets of hygiene products sets donated by Carole Balalta.

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