The Passion Project: Listen| Jean Yang

A lot of the times, we listen but we are not present. This is something Jean is constantly working on. Jean Yang is the founder of Live It Up, a community of professionals seeking to enhance their skills to fulfill their career aspirations and growth.

“There are times when you are absorbed in your own problems while someone else is telling you something very important about themselves. You need to be present.” Jean says that it is important we quiet our mind when someone is talking. “By being present and listening, they know you were there and living through it with them,” says Jean, “be there with them because the most powerful moment is now.”

“Everyone has something to teach you,” says Jean, “We can not go about life alone. It is the people around us that makes life interesting and fulfilling.”

Jean loves to talk to people. She has collected an impressive list of stories from her conversation with strangers. Jean is humbled that she gets to listen to what they have to say. “Some people go through so much. When they are willing to show you something vulnerable, you need to feel grateful for it.”

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