The Passion Project: Create an Impact| Jean Yang

“Passion is about doing what your heart is telling you,” says Jean Yang, the founder of Live It Up – a community of professionals seeking to enhance their skills to fulfill their career aspirations and growth. Jean started Live It Up to pursue her passion in helping others realize their potentials. In spite of the skepticism she has faced, Jean kept going with her heart and her goal in helping others. “My philosophy is you reap what you sow, ” says Jean, “the more kindness you give, the more impact it reaches other people. Sometimes it doesn’t even take much. A simple smile can affect the life of someone.”

Jean does not measure her success through her events directly. “The key is to never stop giving; never stopping to listen to whomever you meet; keep on doing good because you never know whom you will impact. Be kind to this world and you will see things change for this world.” Remember, you are not trying to change people. Jean says it best, “the key is how you are willing to position this kindness to other people.”

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