The Passion Project: Live It Up| Jean Yang

Jean Yang is the founder of Live It Up. Live It Up is a community of professionals seeking to enhance their skills to fulfill their career aspirations and growth. Since launching it in 2015, Jean has consistently organized events focusing on career topics with actionable information and provides networking opportunities to bring like-minded individuals together.

The most recent event I attended was held in July, “Think Globally, Act Locally”, where Jean brought together two speakers who are impacting the global landscape through the use of technology. The speakers spoke about sending medical supplies in the developing world to clinics in need, humanitarianism, and sustainable development in developing countries.

“I had a lot of career challenges,” says Jean, “I remember sending out hundreds of resume, no one would answer me. It was dead-end on the other end.” Through Jean’s personal struggles, she realized the importance of mentorship. That is the reason why she created Live It Up – to help people boost their confidence, reduce their fear to allow them to achieve their potential and aspirations. “I want the to have the opportunity to live up to their career expectations which is why the name is called Live It Up.” says Jean.

Jean has a weekly blog where she features her interviews with entrepreneurs and inspiring individuals.

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