The Passion Project: How to Use Strong Moments to Boost Your Performance| Omer Aziz

Omer Aziz is a professional engineer who crossed over to become a Human Resources (HR) Executive. His passion is in helping individuals achieve their peak potential. “You can influence your own performance in a substantial way if you put the right focus in your mindset,” says Omer.

If this is your first time hearing of the concept of strong moments, head over to read our blog on “Strong Moments and Passion”.

Why are Strong Moments important?

Strong moments help us to:

a) Become aware of a latent potential in yourself that you are previously unaware. Strong moment helps you to connect your passion to an area where you grow forever

b) Maintain momentum to keep going. When you review strong moments, you become strong again.

What are Strong Moments?

A strong moment is a little sliver of performance when you are completely in the “zone”. We have all experienced this state of consciousness when we are totally focused in an activity. There is a name for this state of consciousness – it is called the “flow” state. A strong moment is when we experience a mini “flow” state. This is the state where we feel our best and where we perform our best. These are moments of total absorption. You are so focused on what you are doing that everything else disappears. 5 hours will pass by like 5 minutes.

We have all experienced strong moments but often times they go unnoticed. Our goal is to bring these moments to awareness. Set a time to periodically review and remember when you are in peak performance. Capture that experience. Note down your triggers. When you are able to trigger these strong moments on a daily basis, you can use it to boost your performance.

Step 1: Collecting Your Strong Moments

Here is a task: Ask yourself what are some moments when you are in flow? Take some time every day/week/month to recall those moments and note them down. It helps to note down a specific event rather than generalizing what you think it is. The more specific you are with your strong moments, the more detail your patterns will be later. We will be analyzing these moments when we collect enough of them.

Step 2: Analyzing Strong Moments to Find Emerging Patterns

Strong MomentWhat is the underlying bright spot?What are some ideas to replicate the bright spot?
I successfully delivered a sense of urgency to my consultants and followed up with a clear deliverable to be met.Communication skill in the context of project management. Identify deliverable, manage expectations, communicate urgency, and manage deliverable.At the beginning of each day, I can list out my priorities and maintain a list of action items to follow up on. Focus on methods of delivery.
Coaching someone in public speaking.Encouraging another individual to reach their full potential and go beyond their comfort zone.When someone comes to me with questions, listen intently to their goals and tailor my feedback to be both encouraging and constructive.
Breaking down long term goals into short term/weekly milestones.The act of breaking down a big goal into smaller action itemsSet aside time to periodically evaluate my long term and short term goals. Gives me opportunity to periodically repeat this exercise as I evolve.

Step 3: Repeat.

Collecting strong moments and analyzing them should be a continuous exercise throughout our life. In the process of identifying our strong moments and analyzing them, we bring awareness to a part of us that we otherwise would have overlooked.

Omer Aziz is more than a human resources executive.

  • He is a TEDx speaker at TEDxThunderBay where he speaks on the topic of peak performance. Check out his talk here.

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