The Passion Project: Strong Moments and Passion| Omer Aziz

Omer Aziz is a professional engineer who crossed over to become a Human Resources (HR) Executive. His passion is in helping people achieve their peak potential.

If finding our passion is the key to grow forever, then strong moments is the means to get there. Omer Aziz is a Human Resources Executive who has come a long way in his self-discovery. “You can be passionate and really good at something but be totally unaware that is the case,” says Omer, “It is like this latent potential in you that you are unaware.” That is the importance of strong moments.

A strong moment is one of those little slivers of performance that gives you an opportunity to become aware. You can experience a strong moment that you didn’t see coming that completely catches you off guard. That is a huge opportunity to raise your awareness on what you could be passionate about. “For me, a strong moment is where you are kind of starting with a performance and working backwards,” says Omer, “In the middle of a performance of doing well, loving it. I wonder why all that is. What is it of this moment that is giving me this peak performance? For me, that is the connection.” Start collecting your strong moments. “When you have enough of them, patterns will start to emerge. Most of those patterns might not be a surprise but there will be some that will be a surprise to raise our awareness at what I can be passionate about.”

The concept of strong moments is a revolution in the field of psychology; It is coined positive psychology. Marcus Buckingham first started this term. “It is this idea that remembering when you are in peak performance and if you can capture your experience, those are strong moments.”

There are two key points about the connection between strong moments and passion.

  • You are not necessarily aware of what your passions are and strong moments make you aware.
  • Connecting passion with performances should be an area where you grow forever.

“That is the kind of what I am talking about where the high performers who are connected to their passion continue to grow forever and you see it. There are some people who are performing at high level but hit a cap because they don’t necessarily have the passion.”

Q&A SESSION (watch the interview here:

Q1: Are those who hit a cap in their performance considered bad employees?

It doesn’t mean they are bad employees. It doesn’t even mean they are not high performers anymore. It means that if you hit a cap; maybe the place you will grow is one inch over. You might need to move a little bit and locate your true passion.

Q2: Can strong moments be something that is very emotional?

Absolutely. Strong means so many different things. Strong implies strength – physical, mental, emotional. Strong also implies peak as in my positive emotions are at play in a really big way. Some of your strong emotions should come with all kinds of emotions.

Q3: How did you come across the concept of strong moments and peak performance?

I can point to the night I was on a 3-day conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland when I worked for Nortel. On night number one, I had purchased the book “First, Break All The Rules” by Gallup. The book was about a study at Gallup with 40,000 managers. What they were trying to do is to find out what differentiated the really strong managers from the average managers. I read the book in one setting. I think I started at around 10:00 pm at night and put it down at 4:00 am. Sitting in beautiful Belfast. It was a sunny state. It fundamentally transformed my mindset.
15 years before that book, I read a book called “Executive Odyssey” by a fellow named Frederic Harmon. That book talked about certain people who had become executives. He had told their story about how they had became these kinds of super performers. I got very motivated with that book because I thought these people, through their own sheer will and force were able to make a step function increase in their own performance. That was the first time the idea was born in my mind that you can influence your own performance in a substantial way if you put the right focus in your mindset. That’s what started it.

Watch the interview here: (

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