The Passion Project: Passion & Growth| Omer Aziz

Omer Aziz is a professional engineer who crossed over to become a Human Resources (HR) Executive. His passion is in helping people achieve their peak potential.

“Passion for me is a series of strong emotions that bring out your best in terms of ability and desire. If we associate strong emotions with certain colours. Passion is then a rainbow of colours for me. We don’t just have one positive emotion; we experience several different emotions. These emotions can be a pride of our own abilities, our love for something, and our desire to inject positivity into the world. All of these strong emotions together form a rainbow of colours and that is what passion is”.

Q: How does passion help us grow?

I think the key is to combine passion with not necessarily what you are good at but with something that you can grow forever in. We all have some baseline abilities that we can be quite good at but without passion, those abilities will hit a limit at some point.

The key is when I open a door and come into a room where I can learn the skills in this room and I get better at all of them. I love doing them. If that room has another door that you open that introduces you to a whole set of skills and abilities in that same domain and that room has another door and this goes on forever, then you found the key. Always continuing to grow in the area you love is the key.

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