The Passion Project: Goal Setting & The Concept of Time| Omer Aziz

Omer Aziz is a professional engineer who crossed over to become a Human Resources (HR) Executive. His passion is in helping people achieve their peak potential.

“For me, time exists between a 12 to 18 months runway. It exists week over week. It exists on a daily basis and then when I am doing my work, I am completely in the moment.”

Omer introduces two approaches to goal setting, top-down and bottom-up. Top-down approach is about setting long-term goals. “I am not talking about your dreams or your long-term vision,” says Omer, “I am talking about what is something specific you want to achieve.” Bottom-up approach is about breaking down everything that we should be doing to achieve those long-term goals. It is about what we are doing day to day. It is suggested that we maintain a maximum of two to three long-term goals to work on.

Are you completely aware of how you are spending your time? Here is an exercise for you: inventory everything you do for a period of time. “If you can inventory what you are doing as you are doing it, you will get a very good image of where you spend your time,” says Omer, “It is a very useful exercise to take the day where you spend the time and map it to your long term goals.” What we will find is that some of our daily activities align perfectly and some don’t. The trick is to find subtle ways to bring our daily activities into more alignment with our long-term goals.

Sometimes we will find our long term goals needs adjusting because our daily activities make us aware. Therefore, It is important that we set time aside to periodically review our results. Omer reflects on his progress in 1-week chunks. “My whole career the morning has been the “playground” Omer says, “so at work I have this “playground” set of chunks literally everyday.”

It is important to have an optimized routine in place. “If you design your work optimally for you, you will find that you will return emails in a time frame that works, you will find that you are doing activities in a timeframe that works,” says Omer, “don’t just react to an email and respond when it comes in. Have a system in place that has you go through all the important items on a regular basis such that your output is dependable, reliable, and towards your long-term goals.”

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