The Passion Project: Finding My Superpower| Omer Aziz

Omer Aziz is a professional engineer who crossed over to become a Human Resources (HR) Executive. His passion is in helping people achieve their peak potential. Omer has read over 2,000 non-fiction books. His favorite genres are psychology and business. One particular book changed his life outlook – “Executive Odyssey: Secrets for a Career Without Limits” by Frederick G. Harmon.

“That book talked about certain people who had become executives. He told their story about becoming super performers. I got very motivated with that book because these , people through their own sheer will and force were able to make a step functioning increase in their own performance. That was the first time the idea was born in my mind that you can influence your own performance in a substantial way if you put the right focus in your mindset.”

In school, Omer was an average performer. His grades consisted of a couple B’s and C’s. “When I was a student, I thought the way of life was get your C- or B+ average, go and find some mediocre job, make enough to buy your house and there is your life,” says Omer. He thought he didn’t have anything special. “My mindset completely and fundamentally changed when I realized to me, there might be a million things I might be average at and I am okay with that. But there is one thing I am really good at, it’s like a superpower and I know I have it. I just needed to find it.”

Near the end of his university life, Omer starts to realize that he is not just an average performer. He did really well in Calculus and Complex Math. The realization prompted him to do his masters in engineering. “It was this year of transformation,” says Omer, “I did my masters and during that year I worked out more. I lost 48 pounds. I wrote my thesis, i successfully defended my thesis, that is my number one accomplishment. Doing my masters in engineering was one of the best experience of my life.”

Having experienced not being happy or not feeling like he can excel, Omer believes that we are all born with our superpowers.

“What I want people to know is if you are honestly thinking there is no way you will ever experienced what I have experienced, I want you to know that I know you are wrong. You just need to keep doing it. You just need to be patient. Something will come up that you didn’t see that would help you do it.”

There is more in every one of us.

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