The Passion Project: The Power of Image | Yves Massicotte

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As a content producer, director, and writer, Yves spent twelve years of his career interviewing filmmakers, actors, and actresses all over the world. Out of the numerous interviews, there is one that influenced Yves deeply. It was an interview with a Belgium filmmaker. Part of his film was shot in Flanders. “I was curious why he chose to film in Flanders. You got understand that Flanders is FLAT”, Yves says, “There is nothing exciting in Flanders. It is boring as sin.” The filmmaker said to Yves, “I was not filming landscape or filming the beauty of landscape. What I was filming is my character’s state of mind.” That is how Yves discovered the power of image. “If you film the same character or person in a mountain, saying these lines. If you film the character in a flat land in the fall with no leaves in the trees, then it changes everything.”

Since then, image of the landscape is the way Yves like to look at the world – not what’s across the street or in his neighborhood but what is it part of? What is the general landscape? Yves takes the time to discover new places for the beauty of the landscape. “I am not talking about the alps and encrust. I find something pastoral, a landscape with cows in the middle and a nice barn in the background sort of appealing.”

Yves has always been interested in architecture, but architecture without a context is uninteresting. What adds to it and makes it interesting is the landscaping which surrounds the architecture. It became such a passion that Yves decides to go back to school and study landscaping. “It is discovery. It is something a lot deeper and complex than I thought.”

Yves goes on to tell us, “There is a reason for everything in landscaping. You will put a tree with big leaves next to a house that’s facing south because the casted shadows makes it more comfortable to live in. If the house faces north, you would want to put some evergreen, coniferous that would break the wind and protect the passage to a little sidewalk to the house.” To Yves, it is the texture and details of planning a landscape that makes it a fascinating experience.

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