Moment to Moment

18.6.27 Moment to Moment.jpgOn a bright, sunny, clear, brisk morning, I am walking towards the subway station with my backpack and my bag of thoughts. As I stand in front of the subway gate, just a few feet away from the entrance, a musician starts his daily performance. His hands dance across the keyboard and his feet tap rhythmically against the ground.

He is a short, plump man with a mustache who is dressed in messy overalls and has a remarkably deep voice – unexpected out of this middle aged man. If you allow yourself to immerse in his music, it can take you on a dive into the ocean… As you come out from the other side, you find yourself escaping all of the worries and chaos above and surrounding you. His music fills the station but – I barely notice as I fumble through my bag and rush through the gate. How many of us will actually slow down and acknowledge a street artist on our daily commutes when we are buried in our schedules?

As lunch time is approaching, I dart a quick glance at the clock on my computer and groan. Time now seems to pass in slow motions as I look forward to my lunch break. When the clock finally hits noon, I take a breather and reach for the pre-packed container. Halfway through chewing, the phone rings – from my boss. The food has suddenly lost its appeal as I quickly swallow it down. Eating suddenly becomes another task. Does that ever happen to you?

It seems that the world almost begs us to rush through our lives from one goal to the next. The script goes something like this – finish university, find a job, find somebody, and the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong, having goals are great. We derive a deep sense of satisfaction of achieving a goal we worked so hard for.  Most of the time, our lives are embedded in the mundane. If we only spend our lives chasing the excitements of the future then we would miss the whole life experience.

As we try to keep up with the pace around us, we must be reminded to slow down and savour every moment. What are you feeling now in this very moment? Are you feeling relaxed or tensed up? It’s no surprise we tend to preoccupy ourselves with something else than what we are currently doing. Doing so, we deny ourselves little moments of pleasure. I am reminded that life is about the day-to-day experience. Being in the moment is different for everyone.It might be sitting down in a café for one person or getting a massage for the other. It’s moments like these that cannot be bought.

Our time is limited. What moments are you savouring? For me, it’s all the wonderful moments I share with my friends and family. Life has an interesting way of bringing us through the amazing, the awful, and the ordinary that is in between.

When I think of that moment in the subway, that beautiful music I just ignored, I am reminded to allow myself to be moved to the depth of my being by letting go of the previous moment to experience the next. We are presented with a choice in front of every moment. Some of us will have lived a long life but not really lived. While others may have paid a brief visit but have fully opened themselves to experience every moment that is passing through them. If experience is the best teacher, there there is nothing that comes close to the experience of life.

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1 thought on “Moment to Moment”

  1. I used to see this same musician down at Union Station sometime ago. His personality exuded fun and love of music. It’s good to revisit him all over again


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