The Passion Project: Little Moments of Pleasure | Yves Massicotte

Story 1_Yves _Little Moments of Pleasure.JPG

Watch the video HERE.

The 60s was a period of change. Quebec’s population hit a plateau while the rest of Canada’s steadily increased. Waves and waves of immigration shortly followed and the population became increasingly diverse. As a child, these events unfolded one by one before Yves’ eyes. At first it took some resistance to accept the new reality but soon, he opened himself up to the rest of the world. “I see the world as something that is constantly evolving”, he tells us, “What you think was true turns out to be not to be so true when you investigate a little. So you have to constantly adapt to this new perception and new reality.”

Yves was raised in a modest but loving family and this played a big role in shaping his life philosophy, “as long as you cover the basics, life is good.” “I don’t care about professional success” Yves tells us, “What I care is about following my own path and not worry about the dollar signs at the end of that path. It is not because I am rich; I am not. I am comfortable enough where I can say now is time to do what I really want to do and feel the freedom to do it.” What I found inspiring is Yves’ effort to spice up his routine. One way to do it is by injecting little moments of pleasure into the ordinary day: a morning coffee, a glass of wine while cooking dinner.


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