The Passion Project: Email Marketing Specialist | Dian Razak

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Dian Razak explained to us, “Email marketing is the act of sending newsletters, updates, and messages about the company to a group of people through email.”

As a subcategory of digital marketing, email marketing is present in all industries — big and small. On a bigger scale, organizations such as e-commerce companies, have multiple email marketing strategies that would include acquisition and retention. For instance, an email marketer has to analyze shoppers’ activities to determine what relevant products and services should reach their inbox. On a smaller scale, organizations such as a non-profit company, would have email marketing strategies geared towards converting individuals into sponsors.

Most businesses send emails through a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system – a system which organizes, automates, and synchronizes sales and marketing activities. It provides a way to collect information about a customer across many areas of interaction with a client or prospect.  A regular user will only use about 20% of the system. Not every single aspect of the system will be used by everyone.

Due to a user’s limited understanding of the system, problems are bound to happen. “There is a need for someone to figure out what’s going on and I am that person. I am patient enough to find out what the issue is by troubleshooting and asking the right people the right questions and getting answers to the problem”. This role requires Dian to be both creative and analytical.

“Before, I was always the task do-er.” Dian told us, “Now in this job, I do more strategy. I want to paint a picture of the current email marketing situation in the firm with the tools and the capabilities we have.” On the one hand, Dian manages the CRM system by building targeted email distribution lists to optimize and systematize relationships with existing and prospective clients. On the other hand, she works with the senior management on the ongoing improvements to the system.

“I enjoy the opportunities and challenges that come with this job.”


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