The Passion Project: An Interview with Dian Razak | Email Marketing Specialist


Dian Razak is an Email Marketing Specialist at KPMG with lots of great tips to share.

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What kind of background do you need to go into email marketing?

You don’t need much background or experience to go into email marketing; just as you don’t need a background in social media to go into social media. You need to know basic HTML. You can always learn the best practices from doing email and primarily, HTML.

The email marketing community is very small. Whenever I apply for jobs at Email marketing, 80% of time I get a reply because the skill is so specific. Email marketing is not sexy. It is not as sexy as social media marketing. It is not as sexy as video marketing and ads. It is not sexy at all. Email marketing, really?

What is the outlook on email marketing? Will it will be around in the next while?

I think email marketing is not as interesting as it sounds but it will be around for a while. Historically all companies have been using email. It is not a thing where technology comes and then it goes. Email has been the primary mode of communication at work since the 90s. We will see what happens when the next generation comes in and technology changes but I think email is for at least another 10 years.

If you look at reports, email is the second highest revenue-generating platform. It is not social media marketing; it is actually email marketing. Through emails, we give you offer, we follow you, and we know what you buy.

What is the biggest trend you see in Email Marketing?

The biggest trend I see in email marketing is personalization and automation. This isn’t new but the adoption of this technology has been slow when it comes to integration with other online platforms such as websites, social media platforms and physical events. What really translates to the consumer is a personal dialogue from the company to you, based on what you want and what you have been looking for.

Any advice to any individual pursuing email marketing?

My advice to individuals pursuing email marketing is: stay there for a bit but please move forward to something else because email will phase out. At this day and age if you look at how fast technology is evolving, I don’t think I will be doing email marketing 5 years from now but I think I will be moving into a different field based on my current path in email marketing.

Do you think we have control over our own path?

I think we can control our destiny. I believe that the world is just areas of opportunity and you have to identify which area is the best. You got to dive in there and try your best. If you want to find the company you want, you either wait for the right opportunity, or you go to another job, which brings you to that opportunity. You know when it’s time to move on to the next opportunity when you’ve been there long enough. You’ve assessed the situation and you know there is not enough opportunity. I think a lot of it depends on your management and your leader. When you feel the job is not the right one, then you move.


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The Passion Project: An Interview with Dian Razak|Email Marketing Specialist

The Passion Project: Email Marketing Specialist

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