The Passion Project: Personal Development | Dian Razak

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When we asked Dian Razak what passion meant for her, she said “Passion is something you feel in your gut”. As an introvert, Dian spends her free time introspecting, reading, and learning new things. After assessing herself for a moment, Dian said she is currently transitioning from Dian Version 2.0 to Dian Version 3.0. From our series of discussions, it became clear that self growth is her passion.

Being an avid reader, Dian’s shelves are full of books about workings of the human mind and how to set routines to become a better person. She likes to observe what successful people do that makes them successful. “They establish specific routines such as meditating, journaling, and working out”. These are routines which form positive habits and reap positive results. An ideal day is when Dian incorporates a tough workout in the morning before work. “You know how your energy and all your blood rushes to your brain, that’s when I feel the most confident”. She believes that it is through confidence and a clear mind that one is able to pursue goals and work towards a better self.

Career is a by-product of Dian’s passion. 5 years ago, Dian was incredibly shy and introverted. Today she is confident and handles social situations with ease. This is a result of changing her mindset from passive thinking into active thinking.

In working towards creating stronger relationships in both her professional and personal life, Dian turns to baking as a hobby and a conversation starter.

“Baking helps create better relationships through food. It is my secret sauce at work. But the baking has to be good”, Dian said with a passion, “I do not serve anybody subpar, half past 6, not so great cookies. It has to be really good.”

The whole process of baking is a science, which is something Dian enjoys all by itself. This explains why she uses any excuse to heat up the oven.

An extraordinary life doesn’t happen by accident. Dian understands that, which explains why she is relentlessly improving herself for the better.

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