The Passion Project: A Child of Freedom | Dian Razak

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Freedom means a lot of things to many people. To Dian, freedom means having the time and space to discover her identity and character without restrictions. However, growing up in a traditional Malay Singaporean family, Dian Razak did not feel she had the freedom to express herself. The strict cultural upbringings had led her to view the world differently. She felt the need to grow into a more wholesome individual outside of the restrictions she lived in.


Dian’s early and awkward growth spurts made her a victim of bullying. This grew into a self-confidence issue which stayed all the way through until adulthood. Furthermore, her parent’s deep involvement in every aspect of her life made it hard to share hardships both in school and personal aspects of her life.

It was not easy to rise above the bullying and distractions at home but thanks to her interest in arts and film, Dian was able to divert her focus on creative projects, such as graphic design and film making. This built up her skill set which laid a foundation to a career in marketing.


By the time Dian started university, she had worked 3 freelance jobs and a part-time job in marketing, all at the same time. To Dian, these jobs offered her a sense of freedom and focus. She continued her post secondary studies in Canada and traveled extensively through university. The opportunity to see the world and interact with different cultures favorably matured and shaped her character. The Dian we know now is confident enough to speak her heart and go after what she wants.

“I am in a happy spot because I am well-fed, I am young, and I am healthy.” Dian said during one of the interviews. “I am in a happy spot because I have the freedom of moving around and change jobs because I can.” — what a simple reason to be happy.

As an adult, Dian maintains a good relationship with her parents. In her younger years, all she wanted to do was to leave the house and experience the world. After traveling, Dian appreciates all the things her parents have done was with the best intention in mind. Being away from home for over a decade, Dian has built a network of friends to depend on.

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