The Passion Project: In Transition | Roohani Chauhan

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In a culture deeply embedded in conformity – where young girls are shouldering tremendous pressure to dress and behave a certain way, Roohani Chauhan was free to choose her own path. Since the age of 16, Roohani left the comfort of her home in India to discover what the rest of the world has to offer. She had tackled various challenges along the way.

“Moving around and settling in new places has taught me how to adapt to whatever challenges that particular place threw at me. My independence and curiosity has taken me to places I have never thought I would ever experience.” After completing her education and working a few years in India, Roohani came to Canada to pursue further education. After a decade of moving around, she is ready to settle down in a diverse and welcoming country.

Roohani approaches life with a wisdom of an old soul.  “What you think you know is limited based on the knowledge you have.” Roohani is a great example of someone who is at peace with her own limitations while maintaining the motivation to improve and learn. It was very evident that she works extremely hard at being the best possible version of herself.

As a fellow millennial, we are constantly reminded to pursue our passion. Pursuing your passion can mean different things to different people, but no matter your definition, it is a path worth pursuing. Although Roohani has not yet reached the final destination, she is not particularly frustrated. Instead, she focuses on living every day with conviction and confidence. “I don’t think I know exactly of what my purpose is in life yet but I have no problem in molding myself based on wherever I will end up. A purpose will unveil itself at some point.” – what a great mindset to live by.

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