The Passion Project: A Career in the Magazine Industry | Maria Angela Yanita

Nita_Youtube.pngIt takes a special combination of personality, interest, and skill set to be a content creator.

“Being a content creator is a lot of fun” says Nita, a 23-year old from Indonesia. “My job responsibilities range from creating video content to managing social media”. Turns out, creating content and marketing your content goes hand in hand. A successful content creator can not be without either. Nita’s background in animation and business gives her a special edge.

Creating content requires paying attention to industry related news. Nita spends a bulk of her time understanding what is going on in the industry by reading blogs and news articles. A part of her time is used to understand how the past has shaped the mindset of her target audiences.

Marketing of your content is equally as important. Nita follows closely with the activity from targeted advertisers and industry partners to engage with her community and reach broader audiences. Meeting like minded people is essential to Nita’s career progression. Being no stranger at networking, Nita makes it a point to attend various conferences to meet new people and exchange ideas.

Nita is naturally curious. She is constantly asking why things are done the way they are. The insight derived out of curiosity becomes the seed to some of her best contents. You will find Nita at unexpected places – conferences, community engagements, quirky coffee shops, and among nature to gather inspirations for her next big idea.

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