Reflection: A Balancing Act of Love

A Balancing Act of Love.jpg

Back in May, I started a new job at a new company with new responsibilities. The learning curve was steep enough to keep me busy. The novelty kept me excited as I adjusted into my role.

Several months went by and things had slowed down. In fear of losing my momentum, I filled my days with extra classes and personal projects to keep up that “productive” feeling. As a result, I focused all of my energy on professional growth. Inevitably, I burned out – an experience I never wish to repeat. All of my interests were lost. My health was thrown out of the window. Ironically, my work performance had gone down despite the extra hours.

Learning from this recent episode, I found flaws in my previous lifestyle. I am more than a machine, bouncing back and forth between input and output. As a living, breathing spiritual being, I needed more than work to feel human.  Since then, my lifestyle has shifted into a balancing act of all the things I love which are personal growth, building meaningful relationships, and self-care.


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