The Passion Project: Lifestyle of a Content Creator | Maria Angela Yanita

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Getting lost and finding herself is Nita’s favorite pastime. Nita is one part free-spirit and two part hustler with an insatiable thirst to grow and learn.

At the age of 21, Nita completed her arts degree in animation from Indonesia. She left her family and arrived in Canada to pursue a new life. As an international student, Nita is facing tremendous pressure to secure her permanent residency after her studies. Part of the requirements is to find a full time job in her profession. The pressure of establishing herself while learning a new language has translated itself into pure motivation. In as little as two years, Nita communicates fluently and effortlessly. This speaks volumes about the result of her hard work and persistence.

My first interaction with Nita was at Toastmasters. I was captivated by her boldness to take on any challenges thrown at her. Nita jumps at any opportunity she can get to practice her public speaking. With 5 speeches under her belt, she is well on her way to become a seasoned speaker. Courage, curiosity, and hard work is what Nita is all about. I can not think of a better way to describe Nita’s outlook on life than from those words of her own: “The future is uncertain. However, I believe that persistence and passion will make things happen just as the way you want it to be.”

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