The Passion Project: Personal Growth in Construction | Helen Xie

Exchanging our emotions and vulnerabilities are the best way to dissolve social barriers at work. If it’s working out for me, I bet it will work out for you too. – the core message in our newest video. Watch it HERE! ( Shot 2017-08-13 at 3.36.18 PM.png

My career switch to construction was not easy. I did not get along with my co-workers as I did with my previous jobs. I convinced myself that being a female in a male dominated field is a disadvantage. I felt compelled to behave like one of the “boys” and hope no one notices the difference.  I learned to conceal my emotions because I believed it to be a sign of weakness. As I suppressed my emotions, I also denied an essential part of myself. 

Looking back, I was holding myself back by over-emphasizing on the gender differences. At the end of the day, we are fundamentally similar. We want to feel connected; we want to make a positive impact on others; and we want to be appreciated. Authenticity is the best way to connect. Don’t let anyone define who you are because happiness does not come from living a suppressed life.


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3 thoughts on “The Passion Project: Personal Growth in Construction | Helen Xie”

  1. Speaking about authenticity and feelings reminds me of an exchange in /Macbeth/:

    Act IV, Scene iii: Macduff conversing with Malcolm
    Ross brings news that Macduff’s wife and children have been killed.
    Macduff expresses pain.
    Malcolm: “Dispute it like a man.” [Take it like a man.]
    Macduff: “I shall do so; But I must also /feel/ it as a man.” [emphasis added]

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