The Passion Project: A Day in The Life of a Project Manager | Helen Xie

“Living a routine lifestyle, achieving specific goals, and maintaining a healthy mind are three things I focus on every single day.”

Our very first video “Lifestyle of a Project Manager”, along with our YouTube Channel “The Passion Project” officially launched today. The first video is centered on the lifestyle of an individual in the construction Industry. Watch it HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 3.36.58 PM.pngI spent a fair bit of my childhood observing my father relentlessly on solving problems around the house. His passion for understanding the inner workings of machines fascinated me. 

On the topic of passion, how often do you come across the phrase: “Follow your passion”? You can always count on someone to bring it up. Who doesn’t want to spend their waking hours doing something they love? As much as we are inspired to follow our passion, we are also frustrated. In reality, not many of us know what our passion is. Instead of asking open ended questions that inevitably end in disappointment, we acted on it by initiating discussions with passionate people. 

Through our video series, we aim to capture the individual from three angles: career, personality, and lifestyle. These videos are not your typical interviews. They are stories to satisfy our curiosity on how a passionate individual comes to be.  How do we become passionate? Where do passion come from? Every individual helps us to locate a piece of this complex puzzle.

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